Who you gonna call ?

Paranormal Muskoka is prepared to assist you with all your "Ghostly" needs. 

All members of the Team are dedicated Individuals who have special attributes as well as extensive experience dealing with the Paranormal.  We have developed special skills and techniques.  Together we collectively bring understanding and clarity when dealing with the unknown.
Our Diversity is what makes us a powerhouse in the Spiritual Realm.. Our Dedication speaks for itself.
 We are a not for profit organization with tour proceeds helping to fund the group  expenses, website and  new equipment!

The Ladies ...

Susan H.

Sues' intense Paranormal encounter was depicted on Paranormal Survivor, along with renowned Paranormal Researcher, Michelle DesRochers ... Sue then took her knowledge from that experience to help others.  She was raised Christian, but has learned to embrace other Spiritual Practices. 

Denise M

Denise is a long-time resident of Muskoka and is also our Resident
Witch !  Denises knowledge of Wicca & Pagan Practices as well as her Psychic gifts are a cornerstone of this Group !  Denise has an uncanny ability to visualize a Spirits' appearance.  She is such a charismatic  and warm individual, that the Spirits often make first contact with Denise.

Our Guide

We also rely on the advice and direction of an energetic powerhouse who has practiced as a Traditional Shaman for over 20+ years in Southern Ontario.  The universe put her in our path a few years ago ... where a wonderful kinship developed.  She has access to, and influence in the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits.  Her traditional practices involve divination and healing  ... and her energy in incredible !

Gayla B.

Gayla is a highly tuned Empath and amazing photographer.  Her line of work involves working with Adult Developmentally Challenged Clients which show her compassion and healing abilities reach far beyond this Group !  Gayla is also a wicked fast-ball pitcher ! 

Kim R.

Kim is an extremely spiritual woman.  She is a Reiki  practitioner and highly Intuitive.  Her love of animals and gardening reflect her connection to the earth. Kims' knowledge of Buddhist and other traditional practices make her a valuable member of this Team !