Paranormal Muskoka

Geo Ghost Tours

Our Geo Ghost Tours have become a Muskoka favourite !  A family friendly adventure .... You will need your GPS ... A flashlight ... and your NERVE !  You will visit three haunted locations ...Maps are included with the Tour and should take 2 - 3 hours to complete.
All groups will meet at a secret destination where we will hand out maps for your Groups' locations ... the haunted history of said location ... And bid you adieu ... You will proceed to the locations given to you and explore these extremely active locations.  Groups are sent to different locations, in order that you can explore in privacy with your crew...
The Team will be set up at one location on your route, where we will take you through a guided Tour of that space .... compete with Spirit boxes, EMF Meters, Night Vision Cameras and other goodies !
Feel free to bring your own Ghost Equipment and we can share some Apps that you can use during your Haunted Scavenger Hunt !

Geo Ghost Tours

The perfect way to discover Haunted Muskoka ...  explore 3 Haunted Locations with your own Group !

Private Tours

Check out some Haunted Spots in Muskoka ... with a team member or two to guide your Group.  For Groups of 5 or more.

Ghost Tour Videos

YouTube Us !

Check out some of our moments caught on video ... from Kingston Prison to local Pioneer Cemeteries !