We have been involved in various Events over the last years, with some very, interesting experiences !
From Investigating Local Haunted Establishments to creating a Haunted House for Muskoka Heritage Place ... Paranormal Muskoka has a broad community awareness !
Unfortunately due to Covid, we have ceased all Indoor Events but we offer outdoor Geo-Ghost  Tours ... Get more information on our TOURS page ...In the meantime ... Stay Safe Everyone ! 

Public Ghost Tours

Woodchester Villa Tours    Bracebridge

We had a blast doing Tours at Woodchester Villa with the Town of Bracebridge ... I will provide more info soon !

Community Events

Muskoka Heritage Place Pumpkin Trail

A fun Event we previously participated in .. although the little ones found us a bit too scary !

Exploring Historic Locations

Private Tours

We provide this service for groups of 5 or more ... please contact for more details ! 

Spiritual Excursions

Bancroft Crystal Hunting

Unique excursions to Spiritual locations.

Haunted  Breweries ...

Muskoka Brewery Investigation

Removing nuisance Spirits ...

Experiencing Dark Locations ...

Kingston Pen Tour

Finding Lost Souls ... check out the video !

Haunted Bars ...

Sprucedale Hotel Tour

Heavily infested location ... there were so many spirits here, it was overwhelming !  Tour goers reported being scratched and leaving hastily !

Video on YouTube !