Mission Statement :

We strive to help families and individuals manage Paranormal Incidents ... and to educate the masses how to embrace positive Spirituality,  regardless of religion or belief ... respectfully,  through Tours & Events.

We consist of a group of dedicated women who have had life changing Paranormal Encounters ...

During these experiences, each team member discovered they possessed a certain gift !

Disturbances can happen for a variety of reasons.  From Earth-bound spirits to Poltergeist activity  ....  each case is individual and has to be treated accordingly. ...

Paranormal Muskoka

Covid 19 has been a very trying and stressful time for us all !  We have temporarily suspended all home visits for now, but we are available for direction and advice.  We work with an amazing Network of talented people including remote clearers. 


We absolutely take this aspect of the Paranormal seriously.  We ask that every client fill out a questionnaire to help us determine how to approach each case.  Discretion is paramount and nothing will be shared without the Clients expressed permission ...

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Due to Covid we will resume Geo-Ghost Tours in the Fall.  Also expect new, intriguing locations ...

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Our aim, going forward is to help educate the public how to regain their own personal power and protect their own energetic Sacred Space.  House cleansing ... Crystals ... there are many methods available, depending on what feels right to you.  Remember ... everything out there is Energy ... and how you respond to it will determine your state of being.   Watch for future Events !   Any suggestions would be welcome !

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